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Applicants Start Here - Sang

CKN has merged with another guild and is no longer recruiting.

Our applications are PRIVATE. Only you and our senior raiding members can view your application and respond to it.

We understand sometimes the need for secrecy and we will give every application the attention it deserves.

  • We raid Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (as needed) during both farm content and progression content.
  • Raid times are 9pm to midnight EST (Eastern Standard Time).
  • We roll on items and distribute Tier slot pieces evenly to all raiders meeting the minimum attendance requirements.
  • We expect excellent raid attendance and dedication.

What is expected from our raiders:
  • Know the encounters, bosses and trash alike. You should have enough knowledge of the current and past encounters to be able to join our raids with only specifics to our strategy required.
  • Know your class. You should know everything about your role in the raid. You should know the gear, augments, and stat weights. You should know the rotation, spell priorities, etc. When you come up against a new encounter, you should be able to figure out the best way for your class to contribute to the raid.
  • If you nodded your head at the previous point, you probably already browse SWTOR class forums and MMOMechanics.
  • Know your offspecs. While gear may be a limiting factor in some cases, you should be able to play all specs/roles that your class is capable of at a half-decent level. Ideally, you already have the required knowledge and some experience, UI setup, etc for your offspecs.
  • 16 man raids require flexibility. NOTE: DPS classes should be able to swap between all specs and perform at a high end raid level, with minimal setup time.
  • We are a 8-man raiding guild working to be 16-man again. If you have never played in a guild at a high end raid level, there are a few things you need to understand:
  • You cannot be carried. Every single person in the raid must be performing at the best their class can do, and understand what is optimal for your class in any given encounter. There is no room for slack, fuck-ups are wipes. Our raids have at most 2 battle resurrections, and the fights are often tuned such that a death or two is often a wipe, even with a battle res. Simply not having a healer for 10 seconds can be a wipe, or losing 10 seconds of DPS on an timer based fight can be a wipe.
  • What the above two points are implying, is that individual responsibility is high. Chances of YOU being targeted for reticles? Very high. Chances of YOU standing in something you aren’t supposed to? I guess that depends on you doesn’t it.
  • If you fail at encounter mechanics too frequently, we simply cannot raid with you. Take a good hard look and think about your personal performance in the raid groups you have been with in the past. We DO accept failures of course, we all make mistakes. But repeated mistakes must be improved upon or you will not see any raid time.
  • If you fail at class mechanics or general raiding (don’t bubble when needed, poor use of offensive or defensive cooldowns, don’t have good debuff awareness, etc) then this is not the guild for you. It WILL be noticed, and you will not be raiding with us.
  • If you feel you can not only meet the above requirements but surpass them somehow, then we implore to submit an application as we are shooting for more World Firsts next tier. If being the best is what you strive for, we have a home for you.

How to Apply:
We are no longer recruiting.